“Wyer writes with the eye and ear of a poet, her prose spare and resonant, her perceptions original, quiet, strange, and strangely moving…Wyer shows us ways of experiencing the world that run the risk, in our current time, of being forgotten.”

Elizabeth Spires, author of A Memory of the Future
  • Girl, Cow, Monk

    Girl, Cow, Monk

    Open Kate Wyer’s Girl, Cow & Monk and find interlinked novellas unfolding like a set of time-lapse portraits, united by their longing and inherent magic. In Girl, Cow a girl and her cow embark on a journey along the sea, going anywhere other than here; Monk follows the mysteries and austerity of monastic life, a…

  • Land Beast

    Land Beast

    Land Beast is the result of a partnership between the illustrator Katie Feild and author Kate Wyer to tell the story of a female rhino who survived having her horn poached. It is based on a true account. 100% of the proceeds benefit anti-poaching organizations. Read the Elephant Journal article for the book’s origin story.

  • Black Krim

    Black Krim

    “Heirloom tomatoes lack the hardiness of grocery store hybrid varieties. They are grown in an archaic, inbred fashion; and yet, for all their isolation, they surprise one with their dramatic shapes, colors, and intense flavors––kind of like the characters in Kate Wyer’s novel Black Krim. As the roots of their stubborn, closed systems slowly entangle,…