Black Krim

blackkrimcover (1)

“Heirloom tomatoes lack the hardiness of grocery store hybrid varieties. They are grown in an archaic, inbred fashion; and yet, for all their isolation, they surprise one with their dramatic shapes, colors, and intense flavors––kind of like the characters in Kate Wyer’s novel Black Krim. As the roots of their stubborn, closed systems slowly entangle, their surprising desires and tenderness bloom fiercely from these small, hard seeds.”––Jen Michalski, author of The Tide King

“Wyer’s Black Krim is an elegant study of alienation and reconnection — with a warm human heart beneath the Zen-like detachment of its style.”-Madison Smartt Bell, author of Zig-Zag Wanderer

Finalist for the Debut-litzer from Late Night Library !

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